Platon Membrane Systems

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Got A Damp Basement in the Sheffield area?

If you’re looking for Platon Membrane Systems, give us a call! We’ll survey your property to prepare a report and estimate for any works necessary. 


What Is Platon Membrane?

Platon Membrane is a type of plastic that is designed to keep things dry. It is commonly used for waterproofing basements.


How Does It Work?

Platon systems manage dampness preventing damage to internal plaster work and flooring.  Give our team a call today to book an appointment.


What Are The Benefits?

– Prevents Dampness
– Maintains A Dry Interior
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What Can We Do?

Installing a Platon Membrane System, or repairing an existing system, is essential for maintaining a damp free home. Our expert tradesmen can install and repair with a minimum of fuss.

Professional Choice

Our professionalism and commitment to competitive prices and great customer service mean we’re always a fantastic choice. Get in touch for more info or for services in Sheffield.


What Else?

In addition to installing Platon Membrane Systems, we can also clear your home of damp and perform wall tie replacements where necessary. Speak to our team today for more information.